Apps For Finding Travel Buddies Is So Famous, But Why?


Traveling solo has been trending nowadays but traveling with friends, groups of travelers is another level of excitement ride. If whatever the reason you are not able to find someone to join you for crazy travel not to worry there are apps for finding travel buddies. Just having a company of someone can make your travel awesome which would have been bored sometime. So let us explore some of the best apps for finding buddy travelers for long journeys.

Travel Apps For Finding Travel Buddies For Android/iOS

1. Travel Buddy

Travel Buddy app is an amazing app for travelers to connect locally in real time. You can get social with travelers locals allows finding new destinations, advice, and much more.


  • Connect and chat with local travel companions
  • Travel buddies are registered and verified for utmost protection
  • App platforms connect you with real and correct matches
  • Ease in planning holidays
  • Map features enable you to set a meetup with fellow travel buddies
  • Customize your profile with photos, descriptions and many more

2. Serentrip – Travel Buddy & Locals

Serentrip app is user-friendly and easy to use. This app can easily find you, someone, to travel with the same Itinerary. Easy to connect with social apps like Facebook.
Create a trip and plan then travelers with the same schedule will be matched in real time.


  • Fast app to connect instantly within 3 seconds with facebook id
  • Maintain Privacy by talking anonymously first
  • Chat option enabled
  • Travelers matched in real time for destinations
  • Special offers for some destinations


3. Travello

Travello app is the most popular app among travelers from 180+ countries. Quickly connect with travelers, solo travelers & share itinerary plans.
Find travelers & locals by filtering based on your interests, countries, languages, preference. you can even find great deals on local tours, tourist activities, traveling gear & accommodations.


  • Get exclusive deals locally
  • Share camping, traveling experience with communities by posting photos, videos and much more
  • Great app to find fellow travel buddies with a real-time match
  • Wifi finder inbuilt to find wifi spots

4. PackitUp

PackitUp app you can find fellow travelers anywhere in the world and contact them for a meetup. Inbuilt Map can help you for long and short trips.


  • Create desired trips on the map
  • Check most happening destination around you
  • See a brief description of a fellow traveler on the app

Final Words

Traveling with groups has been more fascinating for me rather than solo but still, everyone has different taste. There are many other new traveling apps but I find the above apps for traveling with fellow buddies. So do check out this app and if you are already using any of the apps then do share your experience with us.
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