The Ultimate Revelation Of Apps For Measuring Running Distance 2019


Apps for measuring running distance can easily track your daily activities thanks to our smartphone technology. With the inbuilt sensors that our smartphone supports it has become possible now to track sports activities with these smart apps. You can now easily track and measure running distance, jogging, swimming, yoga, and other sports activities easily with the number of calories burned.

Running has got many health benefits which also helps us to stay focused and motivated.

So, now let us discuss the apps which can help you to track daily workout activities to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Apps for measuring Running Distance Android & iOS

1. Runtastic Running App

Runtastic Running App with over 10 million downloads proves that this is a must have app for measuring running distance.
You can start tracking distance, speed, time and much more with free install.


  • Voice coach support
  • Check and analyze your training patterns
  • Join runner groups and check leaderboards
  • Optimized for android wear 2.0, Google fit and much more.
  • Free to use and added features for premium membership subscribers.

2. Running Distance Tracker +

Running Distance Tracker +app is especially for tracking distance and also other parameters. The user interface is easy to use. Maintains a complete log of your running.


  • Get accurate distance and time tracking
  • Gps support available with running routes maps
  • Calories calculator inbuilt
  • Voice feedback for daily progress
  • You can play Music player with this app
  • Free to use an in-app purchase

running app

3. Sportsactive GPS Running Cycling Distance Tracker

Sportractive is a highly rated app in play store with over 1 million downloads. you can not only measure running distance but also includes other activities like walking, running, jogging, hiking and much more.
Best of all free to use and no ads pop-ups while using this app.


  • Track multiple activities like workouts, distance, jogging etc.
  • Customize to display duration, distance, calories.
  • Inbuilt history of all activities
  • Get statistical analysis
  • Calculate BMI, body fat and other body measurements
  • Free to use and no ads

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4. Strava Training

Strava Training app has become very popular for its best features. With over 10 million downloads there is nothing to prove for this app. Extremely useful for distance tracking, mile counting, and other sports activities


  • Record route and map it out
  • Exciting training challenges
  • Connect with your social friends and followers and share your results
  • Other sports tracker included like swimming, hike, CrossFit, kayak, yoga and much more

5. Zeopoxa Running & Jogging App

Zeopoxa Running & Jogging app is easy to use for measuring running distance, pace, workout distance. Calorie counter inbuilt can easily track your activities.
Best of all full features are available in free.


  • Real-time GPS support
  • Fast, light and easy to use an app
  • Challenges that app provides is exciting and motivating
  • History of all activities
  • Voice features enabled to know the progress.

6. Runkeeper—GPS Running Tracker

Runkeeper app makes you motivated and excited when it displays your running progress. Easy to access and user-friendly ios running app which is best for tracking running distance.


  • Track multiple activities like running, walking, biking, and much more
  • Choose from six different motivating voices inbuilt
  • See progress and stay motivated with stats inbuilt
  • Get extra and premium features by upgrading to premium service
  • Sync with apple watch
  • Bluetooth support
  • Easy to connect with top health app like Fitbit, My fitness pal

Best Apps For Measuring Running Distance Android & iOS

There are many health benefits to running and with this above apps, you will surely become more motivated to get your healthy lifestyle. My Favourites are Strava and Runtastic for android and Runkeeper for ios. So do check them out and if you are using any other app then do comment down below. If you like the post then do share it with your friends.

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