Top 5 Apps to identify the music – Simply Find the music you love


Do you need an app to identify music? Do sometimes you keep on guessing the music that you heard from a neighbor house while traveling, co-workers playing music in the office. Some music simply sticks your mind for hours and days and you keep on finding what was that music cover title and singers, musicians info and more. Now there are many helpful apps to identify music whenever you want and wherever you are at that moment. Simply grab the app open it and play to identify the music that it and you’ll get all the info about the music.
So, Now we have gathered a list of the best app to identify music which will eventually help you to find out the details at the very moment. So let’s get started with the best app to identify music.

#1 Shazam

Shazam is one of the best apps to identify music. Many top artists recommend using Shazam to find new music and you can also follow the same. you can simply use one tap feature to identify music and can sing along to songs with music lyrics or watch the videos. You can get real-time charts where you can enjoy the latest trending music. So now you know which is the best and renowned app to find music you love.


#2 SoundHound Music Search and Play

SoundHound Is there free music discovery app that can save your time to identify the music playing around you. Its music player gives you full-length songs and videos with real-time lyrics of the song. You can simply find the music by simply saying “ok Hound what’s the song”.
Features include the where you can find the emerging artist across the globe, hottest tracks in the world, new songs this week, most popular songs of the week and many more. You can personalize and customize the app as per your need. You can access your history showing your previous searches and you can directly add your songs to your Spotify playlist. Sound hound saves all of your searches for easy playback. Must have app if you are looking to find out the music.

#3 Musixmatch Lyrics

Musixmatch Lyrics has the best collection of song lyrics to get instant to synchronize lyrics for YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, and more. You can even do some translations on the go. Easy to identify the song and the lyrics that’s playing around you with just one tap of a button. You can even search for the favorite title, Artist and more with just a single line of lyrics. You can even get the lyrics on the lock screen while moving around. An app is also available on your Android other devices weighted Soumya premium features you can get offline lyrics with no ads and you can even cancel at any time you like.

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#4 Beatfind – Music Recognition / Visualizer

Another best app that can Visualize and recognize songs that are playing around you. Simply press the lightning button and prepare for sync with the beats of music.
You can listen recognize songs on streaming services like Spotify, Deezer, and YouTube.
Music recognition more where you can search and identify the song. You can have a history list of recognizing songs.

#5 Soly – Sony and Lyrics Finder

Solely recognize a song within a few seconds and enables you to open lyrics easily or play a song on YouTube. It can find you a song and lyrics but you can even play music with lyrics in Soly music player. You can even download the lyrics of your favorite songs. You can simply swipe left for lyrics search right for listening to music with lyrics. Soly includes songs and lyrics in different languages. Simple lyrics downloader, share favorite quotes, Sing along with music players with lyrics. Superfast application and simple to use.


There are many more Free to use and paid Music finder app and we are sure the selected above ones can satisfy your need. The extra premium features are available but we don’t think you might need for that. Shazam is the best app for music finding with cool premium features and others like Soly, Soundhound are on the free side where Soundhound is completly free to use the app. So do check out this app and tell us about your experience by commenting below and don’t forget to share to share this post with your music lovers friends.

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