Best Sleeping App To Get Dream Of Your life! Must Have Top 5 !

best apps to get asleep

What is the best app to fall asleep? Well, there are many interesting apps in the market but choosing one of the apps to fall asleep is quite not an easy task. Many are free apps while some are paid apps. It depends on you what kind of sleeping app you need as we find them having distinct features and usability. So let us dive in and find out some of the best apps to fall asleep.

#1  Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax

The calm app is not only best app for meditating but also for helping you to go to long-lasting sleep. You can even listen to a few short stories narrated in a sweet and soothing voice. Comes with meditation course dealing with stress and relationships. Free versions have limited library while paid subscriptions provide you to unlock full library.
Meditation sessions are available in lengths of 3,5,10,15,20 or 25 minutes, you can choose one of the sessions as per your need.
Topics which calm app include are calming anxiety, Managing stress, Deep sleep, Relationships, Happiness, gratitude, self-esteem, and many more. No doubt about being one of the best apps to fall asleep.


#2 Headspace

Headspace App Teaches you how to breed meditate and live happily. It also helps you to get focus. Had a stressful day, headspace app can help you.there are many exercises on everything right from managing anxiety to stress relief to breathing and many more. there are multiple courses which are available help you meditate and get a moment of relief. You can track your progress in sleeping patterns you cannot get push notifications that remind you to be present and breathe you can learn classic meditation and relaxation techniques. One of the must-have Sleep tracker app to get you out of any sleeping disorder. You need subscriptions for exclusive sounds.

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#3 Runtastic sleep better – Sleep Cycle App

You can start tracking your sleep cycle and waking up feeling refresh to the sounds of the smart alarm clock. If you are struggling to fall asleep then this is what you are looking for. Using the inbuilt feature of sleep monitor app you can track your sleep cycle and wake up at the right time. Good night sleep is all about good habits and optimizing. With this app, you can analyze your sleep. You can enter daily habits such alcohol consumption, caffeine and stress level to determine the effects of this on your sleep quality you can share your suggestions via Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and email there is a both free and paid subscription. So now what you waiting for simply download this best sleep tracker app.


#4 Relax Melodies App

Relax Melodies app provides you with over 100 sleep sounds like white noise, calm music, and meditation sounds. This sleep sounds free can help you with Insomnia, tinnitus, stress and anxiety, and much more. Bedtime reminder features where you can select a section of audio every night. This is a free app but if you subscribe you can get most of the features to get the maximum benefits. There is a special soundscape design around dreamy themes which gets you feeling like you are in a tropical forest, by the ocean, in a city by night. Make your own melody be selecting themes, nature to get the best sound experience. For the best soothing sounds for sleep, you can try this app.


#5 Sleep as Android: Sleep Tracker App

Sleep as Android apps with a smart alarm clock with sleep cycle tracking. Features include sleep cycle tracking. Wearable tracking, Galaxy Gear, MI band. Features will help you to make sure that sleep quality is made up of good duration, snoring, efficiency, irregularity. Nature sounds lullabies such as whale, Storm, sea, and much more. Additional feature include never sleep again with captcha wake up verification. The app can help you with jet lag prevention. Sleep respiration features. There is much more to explore so simply get this app and check it out.



So this some of the best sleeping apps that we do recommend. There are many such apps but we find this app to be much of the user-friendly app with some great features. So comment down below with your list of the best apps that you use for getting a night of better sleep.

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