5 Best Calorie Counting Apps 2019 | Easily Keep Track Of Your Diet

Calorie Counting Apps

In today’s generation every person is more and more becoming health conscious and why not who doesn’t want to stay fit. If you are among the same personality then you are in the right place. We all use a smartphone for daily activities be it for social media or business routine. So why not to use a smartphone to get calorie counter apps to track your calories. So now you will be having a coach into your pocket which will help you achieve your physical targets.
I have compiled a list of my favorites calorie counting apps which can maintain your calorie intakes and also make more develop your healthy habits.

1. Lose it! – Calorie Counter

Lose it is considered as the fun and best app to effectively count calories. Not only that it is also known for its best weight loss program.
You need to enter your profile details and target weight and the app gets daily calorie budget best suitable for you. Create your own private challenge with a group of friends, or join a public challenge for inspiration.
It’s free but for sure if you can go for premium additional features.


  • Log foods by taking a photo
  • Track macronutrient, water, health, body measurements goals
  • Get estimate portions and get good healthy eating experience
  • Meal targets with suggested calories per meal

2. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

My fitness pal is the ultimate calorie counter on my list with over 50 million downloads. You can choose a goal of weight loss, weight gain, maintenance. You can connect 50+ apps and devices which makes it multifunctional app. It acts like a nutritional coach which will change your bad habits to a good one. You can maintain your daily log exercise and steps which includes cardio, strength exercises and more.


  • Set customize goals
  • Join with a community to find motivation
  • Chart your progress
  • Nutrition reports updates including macros, calories counts

3. Yazio Calorie Counter

Yazio Calorie Counter is a free Calorie Counter app. You can manage your daily food, track your daily activities. Counting calories and losing weight will be very easy while using this app.
You can track your exercise, activities and calorie calculator to track the burned calories. It tracks your body fat, blood pressure, and blood sugar. Best thing is no ads even if you use for free. Though you can go for premium services with in-app purchase.


  • Nutritional plans for low carb, high protein and more
  • Create meals and inbuilt barcode scanner for quick scanning
  • Syncs directly with google fit
  • Best Widgets and shortcuts features

4. Runtastic balance calorie counter app

Runtastic balance calorie counter app is another best app available with over 1 million downloads. The app can count all major nutritional values with checking calories and macronutrients. Track your food with localized food database. The app can help you improve your stamina and build muscles by providing good eating habits.


  • Set a customized goal
  • Tracks your daily calories and major nutritions of carbs, fat, protein
  • Inbuilt barcode scanner for searching database
  • Set weight goal
  • Activities tracked with any runtastic apps automatically

5. Macros – Calorie Counter

Macros app is a calorie counter and as a meal planner. You can calculate your calories and register your food diary. Even if you follow keto diet you can calculate net carbs. Database of more than thousands of foods available. Calculate all your macronutrients and you can even enter food in by grams.


  • Calculate Calorie needs
  • Integrated barcode reader.
  • Get your custom recipes
  • Distribute the percentage of calories of your daily meals

Best Calorie Counting Apps 2019

There are other apps but I considered the above are the best five calorie counter apps. For free you can try almost all of them but yazio and macros seem good and premium services you can try fitness pal app. So here I conclude this topic and if you are using any of the above apps do share your experience by commenting down below. If you liked this post to share with your healthy hobbyistic friends and family.

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