7 Must Have Chromecast Apps For Android In 2019!

best chromecast apps 2019

So you are looking for the best Chromecast apps for android? Which should be productive apps, entertaining apps, Exciting and many more types of apps. Don’t worry I have tried to cover every base for your Chromecast device so that you can utilize your time in the right way.
“You can’t install apps as you do on Firetv, Roku, apple tv on Chromecast but still google store has unlimited apps which you can cast on your tv and eventually makes your dumb tv to smart tv”. So, let us get started and have a look at some of the best Chromecast apps which you can check out to use for your Chromecast device.

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1 BubbleUPnP

BubbleUPnP app allows you to stream and cast your media all over your place. With this app, you can cast your photos, tv shows, movies and music to your Wi-Fi connected devices at your home/office. You can even cast from your Google Drive storage and other platforms using this app. It is compatible with Chromecast and many mobile devices, tablets, and many more.
It has a free as well as the pro version. Just check out this popular app for Chromecast.

2 Maps on Chromecast

Maps on Chromecast app allows you to cast maps on your big screen tv. So now before going for a holiday or vacation you can search for any places, zoom in, navigate on the maps at the TV screen.
Features of this app allow you to display Zoom on a map, show GPS coordinates for selected places, searches for a location, places, address, and many more options.
The app is free to use and contains ads, though you can purchase pro-version to completely remove the ads.
So do check out this app before going to trip or vacation to get quick navigation.

3 Plex

Plex app is undoubtedly one of the best Chromecast apps available. It’s free to use and has a pro version available as well to subscribe. You can stream your favorite movies, tv shows. podcast, directly to the Chromecast. Though it takes a longer time to set up once it’s done it works like a charm. Plex free version will get you most of the features but once you subscribe you will be getting more powerful plex features and indeed the best way to get the video to your tv screen. So, you can think of cutting down your cable TV cord? Indeed yes.

best Chromecast apps

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4 Netflix

Netflix app is one of the most downloaded Chromecast apps and a must have app for Chromecast. Netflix needs no introduction in today’s generation as it brings you a lot of entertainment and it’s continuously updating and improving time to time. Playing videos have been flawless as long as you have a good network connection. Netflix playlist has been great with original series. Many famous tv series, movies nowadays go exclusively on Netflix. So simply try out and get a free trial. Once you sign up and I am sure you will eventually subscribe it.

5 Google slide

Google slide app cast your google slides from your phone to your TV. Now you can get your presentation slide straight away from the mobile device to tv through Chromecast device at your home/office and have a conversation with the team on your project on tv screen. It can work as a great projector if you get run out or get trouble with your projector sometime.

6 Mono App

Mono app is a music discovery and playback app which lets you play music. A music discovery app which combines multiple sources into one place for great experience. you can discover music from all the popular places streaming services like youtube, Spotify, and many more streaming services. A customizable app where you can create your own playlist and save it on this app that offers seamless and flawless music on your TV without any hiccups. Mono app works great if you are looking for one of the music streaming app, the best part is its ads free. You can discover music from any part of the world, artist and many more options.

7 Pocket cast

Pocket Casts is a podcast streaming app. You can discover and search to subscribe to your favorite podcast from all over the world. Player of the pocket cast allows you to silence, skip time intervals which saves a lot of your time, you can even adjust the speed from 0.5x to 3x. If you love podcast which you can stream now to your tv with Chromecast device. However, there is a subscription for using this app in the play store.

There are many such popular apps that have a Chromecast feature and you are probably using some of them. So do check out below list of popular apps which is easy to cast with Chromecast.

Youtube: Cast videos to tv from youtube app

Google Photos: cast your saved photos to tv using its app

Google Play music: free music streaming app which plays flawless music with Chromecast

Facebook: Cast facebook on your big screen tv.

Best Chromecast Apps For Android

There are many other apps for Chromecast but this is my list of apps from productive to entertainment apps. My favorites include Netflix, Plex, Mono, as I like to watch the latest series and listen to music, so do let me know which app you are using. Do recommend some apps by commenting down below which you are using and I have not listed here.
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