5 Best Study Planner App That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

Best Study Planner App

There is a race going on this world which never ends. Of course, you guess right, I’m talking about studies which never ends be it from school to college and probably much more. Everyone wants to come up with bright numbers in their studies and the only problem face is time management. But not to worry now as the best study planner apps can do this job with ease.

“Study planner apps are going to be an instructor in your pocket which will notify you when to study with latest and automatic updates on your progress.”

Study Planner Apps

1. Todait App

Todait is a useful app for students who want to be productive and impactful time management schedule.
Best for massive material to cover in a short time. Just enter the amount of time you want to study for each subject with a number of hours.


  • Simple and easy to use an app for a massive syllabus to cover
  • Automatic plan adjustments for study material
  • Comes with a practical stopwatch to manage study

2. My Study Life – School Planner

My Study Life – School Planner is an effective study planner app with over 1 million downloads.
This app makes you store your classes, homework, and exams in the cloud storage making it accessible from anywhere and any time.


  • Optimized to work for your school life with day and weekly rotation schedule
  • Tracking task and stores in cloud storage
  • Reminders for unfinished task
  • Notifications enabled for upcoming exams

Study Planner App

3. Smart Study Plan

Smart Study Plan received an award by the Federal Brazilian Government as the most innovative app. Creates a perfect study schedule to ensure study success.


  • AI support enabled for scheduling weekly study timetable
  • UI is easy to understand
  • No internet connection required

4. School Planner

app for students is an effective app for all age group of students. Comes with a built-in calendar to manage your events effectively.
You can manage your grades and subjects automatically and stay updated. Modern UI is designed to make user experience to another level for studying.


  • Fast and intuitive app for study planner
  • Supports cloud storage like google drive
  • Notifications enabled for test, reminders and much more
  • Record your lectures

5. ClassUp – Schedule, Note for Students

ClassUp app is another intuitive app for academic success. Helps to design unique schedule using a background image, various box, and text colors templets. Organize everything in one place with exploring option to share studies plans with your friends.


  • Multiple widgets to check a date and note fast
  • Message enabled to share info with friends
  • Quickly check to edit memos, notes, to do list

Best Study Planner App 2019

For academic success, there is a need of study planner app which can enable us to maintain more focus on studies. Effective time management is going to be ease while using the above apps.  Todait and my study life are good to start with easy and clean UI interface.

If you like the post then do share this study planner apps with your friends and they will be delightful for your support. If you are using any other app which I have not mentioned then do comment down below to help others to know about them for better options.

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