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Writing app for android

Best Writing App For Android | Everyone nowadays wants to use smartphones for almost everything right from setting up an alarm to wake up to get a notification for day to day activities and many more.
Why not use your Android smartphones for writing purpose?
While travelling or moving around you can simply use writing app for android which is quite easy to handle nowadays. Writing apps for Android can save a lot of your time with tools including like autocorrect, predictive text, thesaurus and many more.
Writing Apps are providing facilities like multisync, Non – destructive interface, user-friendly UI. Looking for note-writing, book- writing, while travelling takes down some quick notes with these apps can certainly help you out in a long way.

#1 Writer Plus

Writer plus app allows you to capture your ideas on the go and quickly note down the important points. Writer plus is considered as the best writing app for writing notes, novels, lyrics poems and more using your smartphone or Tablet.
Features help you to open, add save the plain text file, comes with folder support, build with keyboard shortcuts, markdown format, word and character count, undo-redo shortcuts. You can share with your friends on the go. Supports night mode. Robust, stable and high-performance app.
Battery friendly and limited system resource usage. Supports many international languages including English, Chinese, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and many more.

#2 Monospace

Monospace is a minimal note and writing app. Build with the design for a touch-UI.
Monospace App replaces standard writing and comes up with modern standard essential with formatting popups. Supporting bold, Italic, strikethrough, bullet, and many more formatting style.
Monospace has built-in internal sync which is for a premium feature only for a pro package that lets you keep all your devices on this latest version of your notes and lets you edit using your smart devices.

#3 Jotterpad – Creative writing app for android

Jotterpad app is designed for creative writers. It is a plain text editor with simple and clean typing interface allows you to focus on your work and write your thoughts in text form.
You can write and edit your work on the cloud to connect to all of your favourite cloud services. The built-in dictionary helps you to search for words definitions quickly and precisely. Includes dark theme and supports the extended keyboard. Word count enabled features lets you count the number of words on documents. Supports some of the file formats like .doc. Print down your writings to PDF format.

#4 IA Writer – Get Focused

The main purpose of IA Writer app is about providing you powerful, simple, accessible to help you write with no distractions and helps you in focusing on your writing. You can preview your text in HTML.
Organising features like search, short and quickly swap between documentations from different clouds without leaving the window. You can customise your templates and export to friends.
Comes with night mode, focus mode, word count and many more. You can collaborate online and features include export to plain text, export to HTML, export to pdf, export to Microsoft Word and many more.

#5 Google Docs

Google docs app helps to create, edit and collaborate with others on documents. Using your Android Phone or Tablet you can work offline and you can share your thoughts with your team. You can research directly and you don’t need to worry about saving your documents because this app automatically saves your documents. An active internet connection though is needed to edit your old documents. Google Docs app has many more features than the other apps. Wide templates to choose from including meetings, newsletters, notes, resumes, and many more. Google docs get updates regularly so simply download and enjoy interesting features of this app.

#6 Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word App is the most trusted app for writing. Collaborate with anyone, anywhere using your smartphone or Tablet. You can choose the layout and formatting as per your choice easily and manage permissions to see who is working in a document. You can share your PDF, send documents with these apps to quickly invite others to edit or view your documents. Best writing app for advanced writers with advanced features and formats. Varieties of templates to choose from likes business letter, the business paper, recipe, menu and many more.


Best writing app for Android can vary from person to person as per individual requirements. IA Writer is one of the simple and minimalistic design apps if you don’t need much of formatting. For
advanced writers apps like Microsoft word and monospace can be the best to choose. Do check them out and if you are currently using any of these above-mentioned apps do share your experience by commenting below. If you like this post then do share with your writer’s group. Cheers!

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