5 Best Drink Water Reminder App For Android In 2019

drink water reminder app

Are you looking for the best drink water reminder app? Yes !…. then you are at right place. In today’s generation life is extremely fast and complicated. Ask yourself do we really keep track of our daily diet and water intake? …No….Right, We rarely give some time to maintain our health and physics. Drinking water is extremely essential for our body, if we are not hydrated then we will soon get sick and major disease can enter our body.
That’s the reason drink water reminder app has been made to directly contact us and reminders to have a basic necessity of drinking water.

“There are many drink water reminder apps that you can download which are meant to remind you about drinking water but there are also some of the apps which do reminds you and also keeps the data of how much water you have drunk during the day or a week and keep you updated with the metrics and data you need to follow.”

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Best Water Reminder App for Android

Daily how much amount of water you need it depends on your age, sex, weight, and many other alternatives. So the below apps works according to that and do tell you to enter information. Once you do that they can update and remind you of drinking water at right time and the appropriate amount. So that you stay hydrated and helps you to stay focus on your daily routine.
So now let just jump to some of the best drink water reminder apps for android which suits your daily routine.

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#1 My Fitness Pal App

My Fitness Pal App is a very popular app with the largest community of users. It focuses on tracking your diet. Drinking water is also one of the essential parts of maintaining the diet. Android wear integration has made this made more effective which will track your water intake, calorie counts, shows a breakdown of nutrients you consumed and also makes out the reports of your daily diet and water intake.
My Fitness Pal is available for free and a pro version which may cost you around $10 per month. So if you want to be a part of this huge community of Fitness Pal then do download this app and stay updated of your drinking water intake and other benefits.

#2 Water Drink Reminder

Water drink reminder app is a top app from leap fitness group which does the job what it says. This app has been no.1 health app over 30 countries. It also now supports Google Fit. This app will remind you of drinking water and generate your habit of drinking water. Just need to enter your weight and water drink reminder app will help you know exactly how much amount of water your body needs every day.


  • Customized app according to your schedule
  • Sync data of Google Fit and weight data
  • Logs of date record with graph
  • Supports google account login

#3 Drink Water Reminder – Daily Water Intake And Alarm

Drink water reminder app will alarm you to take water at right time. This app is highly customized which allows you to customize your drinking cup for different capacity.
Your daily water intake tracker which will customize your daily water intake and will make water alarm by recording open and how much you drink the water. With this app, you can even set the daily target and help you track and make your daily water drinking habits.


  • Records of daily water intake
  • Highly customizable app
  • No disturbance and reminder app during your sleeping time

#4 Water Time Aqua Reminder

Water time Aqua reminder and H2O tracker for health develop by mobile creatures is very user-friendly drink water reminder app. you can keep track of water intake on time and in a required quantity that can be customized according to your change in diet. This app is like a hydrometer it has a water calculator which will calculate your daily water consumption activity.


  • Comes with water calculator
  • Tracks your daily diet and calories
  • No disturbance at night
  • Simple controls

#5 Drink Water Reminder

Drink water reminder app by leap fitness group is another user-friendly and task water reminder app. You just need to enter your current weight and drink water reminder will help you determine the amount of water intake your body needs daily. You need to update the app on which time you drink a cup of water. The feature of hydration helper and only tracks what you doing but also reminds you when it’s time for another water drink.


  • Customize the drinking water cup
  • set your daily targets and set start and end time to drink water for every day
  • synchronize with data with Google fit
  • backup and restore your data

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So this was some of the best drink water reminder apps. They are sure to help you out with the task of water reminder and track other intake drinks, helps you have to stay in shape. Check them out and pick one of the best with suits you.
If you are already using any of the above apps for you are using any other app then don’t forget to mention by commenting down below. If you like this post don’t forget to share this among your groups and families and let them know about this best water reminder apps which will make them stay fit without disturbing their daily routine.

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