Top 10 Educational Android Apps For Students In Play Store

educational apps for students android

Educational Apps for students android | Nowadays educational apps has become a necessity for every student to be productive and gain best results. Best things about educational apps are the comfort level of learning at students speed level. Many apps are available in free and paid versions with premium services. So here we discuss with you some of the best educational apps for students android category. So, lets began with the top apps for best results.

1. Khan Academy

One of the most recommended android app for students. Something to learn with many courses available. Highlights includes interactive quizzes with thousands of questions helpful videos and images. Comes with deep course library with in-depth education and regards to maths and science content and more. Absolutely free with no account required but you need to sign information for the feature that saves your progress. Curriculum system is designed according to the US school system that contains plenty of valuable content.

2. Udemy – Online Courses

You can choose from over 45000 + courses with expert instructors. You are free to choose what exactly you like for example 3D animation, Public speaking, learning business finance and many more. The best thing about it comes within 30 days money back guarantee for all the courses. Learn from anywhere using desktop or smartphones. video and Audio modes are available on this platform. So go and grab one course for yourself

3. Coursera

Coursera online courses help you study courses from respected institutions from wherever you are around the globe – Distance really doesn’t matter nowadays. You can get the recognition specialization certificate or even on an accredited online masters degree with the help of the courses. Some premium features include subscriptions.

4. BYJU’S – The Learning App

Undoubtedly this learning app is the world’s largest learning app for school students with 16 million registered students on its platform and growing. It includes the courses for the competitive exams. It has been designed to make every student fall for it. The features include the engaging video lessons. As per the reports 16 million students are learning from BYJU’S and students are spending around 57 minutes everyday learning.

5. Duolingo: Learn Languages Free

Simple to use app foreign students of anyone learning a language write from the beginning. Learning with the fun graphics lessons and progress result reward. Good lessons theme and common phrases to help strengthen recognition. A user-friendly and interactive app which can help to set your personal goals.

6. Todait – Smart Study Planner

Best app to utilize your 100% of your time. You can come up with great numbers in studies. It is especially for students who want to be productive and effective in time management. Includes automatic discrete distribution as how much you should study each day to achieve your goals, automatic plan adjustment with distribution which allows you to measure and manage how long to study for a subject.

7. Mathway

Basic algebra to complex calculus maths problems can now be solved easily. It covers all levels of maths, simply type your problem in or get a snap pic that’s it done! Efficient and considers as a world’s smartest math calculator. Anytime you are stuck with maths homework, get the help of this app and it will help you out.


App for the definitions and understanding grammar. Pickup new vocabulary daily. Features include audio word search to find dictionary definitions using voice, Discover new synonyms and antonyms, pronounce new vocabulary correctly.

9. YouTube

Youtube app is not only for entertainment but equally important for education as well. You can learn anything from cooking to business, preparing for exams and studies and many more. Simply search for anything related to your studies and you will be amazed to see good informative videos for that subject. You can also subscribe for extra cool features.

10. SoloLearn

Largest collection of learning from beginner level to pro. Many programming languages to choose from and inclusive flash free daily content of web development including HTML5, CSS languages, Java and many more. Personalized content learning is based on your progress preference. Got Community support as well which is free 24/7.


Getting best educational app can certainly help you in long term. So don’t be shy in downloading one for yourself.

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