How To Hide Apps On Android In 2019 | Secured And Easy Way

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How to hide apps on android? Are you looking for that? Once in a while, we are worried about some apps which we don’t feel comfortable to be seen by others. And why not to hide them? Some of them are so weird to share with others. When we are at home or office we feel awkward not to share your android mobile phone with family members or friends as some stuff has to be private for our own good.

So to get free from all those thoughts there is a solution to hide apps by using some hiding apps on our Android mobile phones. So, next time if somebody asks for using your phone don’t hesitate to share it, they’ll be very happy to get your help.
So let us get started with some of those apps which can hide your apps and also make your device more secure.

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1. Calculator Vault

Calculator vault has more than 10 million plus downloads and still counting on play store. It can hide any apps. Just need to create a one-time password. It provides hidden picture function which can help you to browse protected pictures in hiders gallery. You can use your phone’s interface as well and vaults interface to access hide apps.


  • Easy to use the app to hide apps
  • Gallery module to hide photos

2. Nova Launcher

I have to mention Nova launcher one of the best apps to hide the apps. You can replace your home screen and customizes as per requirement like to change icons, layouts, and many more. A famous app which is recommended by many websites on the play store.


  • Highly optimized app to work quickly
  • Import layout from most popular launchers
  • Customizable app drawer

3. App Hider

App hider not only hides your apps like Facebook, Instagram but also you can handle multiple accounts with one device. It can turn itself to calculator vault to protect your privacy in-app hider.
Just enter your password and your app hider will show up on screen.


  • Hide apps, photos, videos
  • Access multiple accounts by a single device
  • Directly play hidden apps, photos, videos from app hider

4. AppLock

Applock is the first app which I used personally and it works quickly. Simply download the app and select the app you want to hide with password security. This app can save hell lot of your time finding ways to hide any of your apps. This app gets regular updates and features added each time which makes this app a must-have for hiding apps.


  • Supports 45 languages and over 400 million users
  • Lock with pattern, pin, or fingerprint
  • Supports Incognito browser
  • Get intruders selfie
  • Time lock according to user
  • Hide app lock icon
  • Power saving mode enabled
  • Low on CPU

5. Privacy Hider

A new addition to hiding your apps is privacy hider app. You can even hide your pop notifications of social apps with this app. It can hide apps from the launcher, recent apps, apps management settings. You can easily run multiple accounts at the same time with two cloned apps.


  • Hide apps from local space device
  • No trace in recent apps
  • No Popup notification
  • Clone apps for multiple accounts of social media app
  • Private browser help your privacy online

How To Hide Apps On Android?

There are many other ways to hide apps but instantly any above apps certainly will do your job with ease. Most of the above are free hiding apps which you can get premium services if you like their services but I think free will do the job easily. My vote goes to nova app and app locker both of them can hide any apps. So do comment down below which app you are using for hiding your stuff on your android device and also if I missed any popular hiding app do mention it by commenting down below.

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