How To Restart Hang Non-Removable Battery Phone (Android/Iphone)

How to restart nonremovable battery phone hangs

In today’s generation, most of the mobile phones come with an inbuilt non-removable battery which is good for making your phone slim to make it look fashionable. There is an issue which comes with this is sometimes nonremovable battery phone hangs while playing games or using your phone for a quite long time and you are not able to do anything in that situation.

How to Restart Hang Non-Removable Battery Phone

The option would be to restart your phone. You can do it you can simply press and hold volume down (-) button simultaneously with the power or lock button for the next 10-20 seconds until the screen turns black and gets restarted. Now it varies for different brands of mobile phones you need to check it out with the manufacturer brand of device how this gonna work with which buttons pressing simultaneously on your mobile phone.

Note:- “The same tips can be followed for windows operating system mobile phone“.

For iPhone users, you can press and hold the home button simultaneously press and hold the sleep wake button continue holding for the next 10-20 seconds until your phone gets restarted and you will see the Apple logo appears on the screen once restarted.

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How To Stop My Phone From Hanging

why my phone is hanging and hangs a lot? Now, this is one of the most asked questions from all around the globe mobile users. Mobile phones have become smartphones as they run on Android, IOS, Windows, operating systems which runs on combinations of hardware and software.

There are millions of apps to download from every store and using some apps puts the load on the smartphone performance by using its resources( RAM ) which makes sometimes system clogged and hampers performance.

Though here are some tips which you can follow to help your phone runs faster and smoother.

1. Using Less Number Of Apps

Every brand mobile phone has a limited amount of resources like memory (RAM). If you overburden that then phone may start miss behaving so lesser number of apps you use on your mobile phone it will run the better.

2. Restart Your Phone

Whenever you restart the phone it refreshes the memory of the phone because of which your phone starts working flawlessly. So every now and then do restart your phone when not in use.

3. Using external memory (SD card ) for installing Apps

Most of the phones that we are using nowadays come with default settings to install apps in the internal memory of the phone. Now the problem here is too much-installed apps and data can cause clogged memory because of which your phone may start hanging. So it is advisable to use the external memory SD card for installing Apps where nowadays you can easily expand your memory from 32GB to 64GB depending upon the brand of the mobile phone you are using.

4. Transfer Installed Internal Apps to External Storage

Move install apps from internal to external memory. This will make space in your internal memory for a smooth running of the apps, as a result, your phone will not freeze easily. For doing this simply go to settings>apps> select move to SD card for the application which you want to transfer.

5. Deleting Unnecessary Data (Images, Videos, Songs)

Images, videos, and songs take away the internal memory space which we can make your phone hang all the time. So it’s better if you are not using those data then simple to remove them or you can take out a backup of the data in your computer or your hard drive and delete from your phone, which will make up a lot of space in internal space and your phone will work better and it will not hang up easily.

6. Delete Unnecessary Apps

Deleting unnecessary apps which you are not using for a long time can make your phone run faster and run better.

Restart Hang Non-Removable Battery Phone

7. Factory Reset Option

I would suggest using this option as a last option. Just remember when you use this factory reset option all of your data like your messages, contacts, apps, bookmarks, videos, and everything will be deleted.

Are Phones With The Non-Removable Battery Good

As a name says batteries are inbuilt into your mobile phone device meaning the battery cannot be separated from the mobile phone. There are some of the benefits of using the non-removable battery phone is that it makes your device slim, uses fewer parts and well fitted. Due to which it’s very difficult to get inside the mobile device and temper with soft parts that can cause damage. Also, there is less room for dirt to enter your device and there is no chance to get into your battery device.

How Long Does Non-Removable Battery Last

Now, this entirely depends on the quality of the battery and the manufacturer of the mobile device. The life cycle can vary from 1.5 years to 3 years. It also depends on how you use your mobile device, for long and short duration regularly. Just make sure to charge your phone regularly to up to 90% and not let your phone battery dies out every now and then.

How To Replace Non-Removable Battery In A Smartphone

I would strongly suggest you not to do to it by yourself. Visit the authorized service center as they are very well trained people with all the tools to manage your phone. I don’t say that you cannot resolve this problem but sometimes you might end up damaging your phone and you can lose your entire phone.

Moreover, if you have a warranty it can be void off for such a thing. As batteries are tightly integrated it is like one device and its to prevent and not let anything to enter like dust and water which will damage your phone. Now service center peoples have all required different types of screws and set of drivers. Which can help you to prevent such kind of damage and remove batteries easily. Otherwise, with the normal screwdriver it’s not possible.

What To Do If The Non-Removable Battery Dies

If your phone doesn’t charge at all it seems likely your phone battery died. Contact the manufacturer service center to check out whether its due to battery or any other issues with your mobile phone. If its battery died then replacing a battery is the only way. Make sure only to go with authorized battery for your mobile.


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