5 Offline Meditation Apps You Probably Didn’t Know About In 2019

offline meditation apps

Most of us are busy with our busy daily schedule which doesn’t consist of proper diet, exercise, meditation. Meditation has got many benefits like improving focus, Reduce stress, anxiety, better sleep, increase motivation and productivity and much more. A short duration of meditation can help in the long run.

So what if sometimes we don’t have a proper connection at some locations? Well not to worry as offline meditation apps are available in the play store. So now you can easily meditate whenever and wherever you are with this amazing apps for meditations.

So let us now know about best offline meditation apps.

Offline Meditation Apps

1. Insight Timer – Free Meditation App

Insight Timer app has got over 10+ new free guided meditations added on daily basis. One of the apps which have been awarded multiple times. Offline Meditation app where you can download meditation guide.


  • Customize your meditation by time
  • Huge numbers of music tracks and ambient sounds
  • Join community and discussion groups on board
  • Track your progress

2. Deep Meditation

Deep Meditation app is simple to use a meditation app. Open the app, select your meditation track and carry on for a quick meditation session. The best thing about this app is its no subscription, no ads. You can run online or download tracks for offline use, making it an offline meditation app.


  • Distinct categories of meditations sessions available like breathing, Escape out, Muscle Relaxation, classical Sessions
  • A vast amount of Relaxing music library
  • 44+ specific music library of natural sounds and instrumental melodies
  • Meditation timer featured
  • Track your daily progress

Best offline meditation apps

3. Lets Meditation app

Let’s Meditate app has the simplest design and easy UI interface. Comes with guided meditations tracks for situations like anxiety, healing, sleep and much more.
You can easily download tracks and run this as offline meditation app.


  • Customizable meditation tracks for short or long duration
  • Simple to use with no ads and sign up
  • Variety of content for any topic to choose from.
  • Simple Habit Meditation

4. Simple Habit Meditation

Simple Habit Meditation app has over 1 million downloads on play store with multiple awards given. There should be no doubt about using this app for once to meditate.
Explore free and premium library and topics like insomnia, anxiety and much more. The premium subscription enables to use this app on offline mode.


  • Meditation guides by world best meditation teachers
  •  Simple Habit’s On-the-Go feature to meditate quickly on a busy schedule
  • Track your daily progression
  • Stay updated with daily reminders support

5. Nature Sounds Relax

Nature Sounds Relax app is the offline meditation app. Simply download this app and you are good to go for a long lasting meditation session.


  • Sleep timer enabled
  • Varieties of natural sounds available like raindrops, birds singing and much more
  • Best app for curing insomnia and increase your quality of sleep.

Best Meditation Apps 2019

Benefits of mediation we all know but rarely anyone follows it in daily activities. I’ve listed the apps for offline mode but there are many other best meditation apps like headspace and calm which works very well on online mode.
For offline, my favorites is Deep meditation and simple habit meditation app. So, if you liked this post then do share this in meditation groups and let them know about this offline meditation apps.

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